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Most Popular Washing Machine Brands in India – Best Electronic Product Dealers

Washing machines have long been some of those essential electronic appliances that are found in most households. While the design and features of washing machines have evolved over all these years, buying a washing machine still remains quite a major investment, and since the machine is of great importance in our day to day life, you can’t go wrong in making a choice here.

Kabir’s Electronic Planet, which sells the best electric home appliance in Chandigarh, brings to you a list of the top washing machine brands available in India.


Haier is an electronics company originally headquartered in Qingdao, Japan and dates back to as long as 33 years. There longs list of products includes air conditioner, air coolers, water heaters, washing machines etc. Haier is arguably the best selling brand in the category of washing machines and was even reported to be the brand with the highest manufacturing since the past few years.


Bosch is German brand and is amongst the largest automobile parts manufacturers across the world. However, Bosch is also very well known for its home appliances, particularly products like washing machines and dishwashers, being one of the best selling brands in these categories.


LG, again, is foreign brand doing business in India and headquartered in Korea. The LG is operating in various market segments including electronics, chemicals, and telecom products, having enjoyed the great trust of Indian consumers over the years. L.G. washing machines account for one of its most successful offerings in the Indian marketplace.


SAMSUNG has been a name popular in the Indian households for many years now. It is a multinational group and its businesses include retails, food processing, electronics manufacturing and insurance amongst others. The Samsung brand is widely regarded as the mother of all electronic home appliances brand in India, owing to its superior quality as well as unmatched after-sales service. Samsung washing machines can be seen in many households in India.

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