Care For Your Electronics This Monsoon
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Care For Your Electronics This Monsoon

We live in the era of electronic devices. Every room, every corner of every room has some or other electronic device lying around. So, keeping them from harm this monsoon season seems sensible. We tend to overlook our electronic devices and they are the ones most prone to rains.

The high moisture content in the air is the culprit this season. To make things worse, dust attracts moisture. As more and more dust accumulates on your device, moisture amplifies that and is bound to create functioning problems, affecting the life of the appliance. We own and sell a wide range of electronic products in Tricity and we know our duty doesn’t cease till selling. We notch it up by educating our users to help them get the best out of their purchase.

Certain little things taken care of this monsoon season can help keep your electronics problem free.

Stay dust free.

Dust attracts moisture, and during monsoons, it is significantly higher in the air. Dust your electronics regularly.  Ensure the opening places of the device are cleaned properly (e.g USB ports in laptops). Clean them with a dry cloth at regular intervals or before you use it.

Unplug  your electronics in heavy rains.

During heavy rains, abstain from plugging your device into a wall socket. High voltage due to lightning or other reasons can become the cause of device failure. Sudden power cuts are also a common event during rains. In such cases, switch off the power and unplug your device, to avoid any component failure due to sudden voltage fluctuation when power restores.

Service them after the monsoon.

Once the monsoon season is over, it is important to get your heavy duty appliances like air conditioners, refrigerator etc. serviced. This helps in rectifying any error that may have surfaced during the rains. This stops from any deterioration of the appliance and ensures the smooth functioning of your electronics. Don’t forget your daily driver devices like laptops, mobiles and keep them protected with cases and covers.

Taking good care will reduce the cost of ownership in the long run, keep maintenance costs down, save on higher electricity consumption by devices, and reduce your burden on environment reducing wastage and resource consumption. We know, it takes more than selling to be one of the best electronic product dealers in Chandigarh.

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